Welcome to my home design blog, Are you are looking for modern furniture, interior design ideas, positive vibes, for your home and life? Then this blog is for you. I strive for short sweet and to the point articles, meaning you will never read a novel. Let me start by telling you about myself, I’m a college graduate from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. that. Give me color, art, designing interiors of homes any day the week over anything to do with the great outdoors. However, this was not my original path, let's just say I buried my artistic side when I thought I was going to be a lawyer. The modern online furniture gallery Modern Day Furnishings and this blog, allow me to let my colorful side come to the surface  This is meant to be a fun blog where you can come and learn and laugh ( as I have been told I’m funny you can be the judge).
Things You May Learn
1. Home design trends
2. DIY home furniture projects
3. Art for the home
4. Randomness that inspires me
5. Articles about modern…